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First Approach & Physical Market Analysis:

We have developed our own “French Style” market analysis. Hands-on with physical prospecting done by one of our dual learning university students.

> Our way of working:
The first step is a detailled interview with our client in order to know more about the market, segments, types of customers, etc.

> Actions taken:
We buy, most often through our links with “The Chamber of Commerce”, a potential customer list from a region in France.
This list is then integrated into our prospection CRM system. Together with the client we engage a dedicated dual learning university student who has an affinity with the client’s products and services.

Via our own developed CRM and follow-up system, the students will contact and perform physical visits during a designated period of time to a certain number of potential customers.

The client is welcome to join these visits in order to get their own impression of the targeted market. After the physical analysis we give our client a very clear view on the market potential. Finally, we give recommendations on how to attack the French market based on the physical analysis.

our customers speak

Some practical examples:

Client: A Flemish company in interior design.

Trainee: Eliane Woestelandt.


Company wants to take part in a large interior fair at Kortrijk. Why not also attract all interior decorators from the North of France with a personale invitation ?

Actions for the client:

  1. DewaFlex buys a list through CCI, this contains a list of about 100 interior decorators,
  2. Eliane visits these 100-potential customers (+- 1 week of visits),
  3. Eliane introduces herself as a student working for a project in Belgium,
  4. Eliane invites her French potential customers to the fair and is also present.


A high turnout of French interior decorators at the fair with a personal follow-up !

Client: A Belgian company in cleaning products.

Trainee: Victor Bruneau.


Company has almost no market share in France, but they are very sure that the sales potential in France can be bigger then the current turnover in Belgium.

Actions for the client:

  1. Victor visited during 3 months about +- 200-potential customers (door-to-door),
  2. This “on field”-market analysis showed that the northern French market needed an additional full-time sales representative.


The company has given this additional area as stimulus and motivation to a senior bilingual Belgian sales representative. (Visit planning & time scheduling are set up by DewaFlex).

Client: A German manufacturer of stainless steel pickling machines.

Trainee: Tanguy Chastan.


Company wants to have a better idea/view of the market potential of their products on the French market.

Actions for the client:

  1. Tanguy visited various possible distributors or distribution channels for several months (3-month period),
  2. In doing so, Tanguy has sold several machines for the German company.


A commercial agent was found !

Client: A large transport company wants to look into the potential in France.

Trainee: Maximilien Krukowski.


The manager of the company is convinced of the potential in France. But he does not find the time to fix appointments and his current market & sales approach is not in the typical “French manner”.

Actions for the client:

  1. Maximilien plans a full week per month in a certain region for joint visits together with the manager,
  2. Maximilien does the entire time scheduling and fixes all appointments, he then visits the customers together with the manager,
  3. The conversations are initiated and concluded by Maximilien in the typical “French manner”.


The manager has had several fruitful conversations with potential new customers.

Our trainee team is ready to assist you.

Don't hesitate to contact us to speak about your project.

  • Hands-on and no-nonsense because we really send out people into the market doing a “French Style” market analysis,
  • We have developed our own CRM system that you, our client, can access at any given time, this means you can follow the trainee yourself and guide him when necessary,
  • Whenever you want, you can join the trainee on his visits to get a more accurate feel on the market potential of your product on the French market,
  • You can choose your own trainee, and you can steer the physical market analysis when you wish,
  • All trainees are supported by DewaFlex: both practical during the hands-on physical prospecting, and also a close psychological and motivational follow-up,
  • All time and complete assistance from experienced DewaFlex employees (or external partners),
    After a few weeks you obtain a clear plan on how you could attack commercially the French market,
  • In many cases this analysis is also eligible for subsidy (export) schemes.