> DewaFlex assists you in HR !
with own business developpers

French Commercial Agent or Payrolling:

DewaFlex can hire your experienced sales person, junior sales, back office staff member, etc… You don’t have to add them to your own pay-roll.

> Our way of working: 

Do you know that it’s not necessary to hire your French sales person yourself? DewaFlex can do this.

We have two possible workflows:

1. DewaFlex is your French commercial agent or distributor with a “no cure no pay” system or a monthly fee.

2. DewaFlex can only take care of the salary portage solution. (in French “Portage salarial”).

1. DewaFlex is your French commercial agent or distributor:

DewaFlex is your French commercial agent: 

You only need to pay a commission when sales is generated (a clearcut “no cure no pay”-system). We define together the sales targets and corresponding costs that are needed to achieve the foreseen sales targets. Afterwards we agree on a agency agreement for France and succesfull business can start.

DewaFlex is your French distributor: 

Also a possibility is that DewaFlex will be your French distributor. (We have, via our network, acces to a big database of French commercial agents and distributors who are sometimes more familiar with your specific products and market. (DewaFlex does possibly not have the affinity with your products or markets and at that moment it’s better to look further to find another external French partner).


2. DewaFlex takes care of a salary portage solution:

Salary portage (“portage salarial” in French) in France allows the sales people or other employees to benefit the advantages of the “French” employee status while remaining autonomous in their activities.

The sales person or other employee signs a “French” contract with DewaFlex but he/she is working exclusively for you as foreign company.

DewaFlex has a database with experienced sales person, junior sales, back office staff member, etc… but you can also hire yourself and only ask DewaFlex to take care of the contract, salary, costs, etc. 

(Applied fees to you are converted into a salary for the employee). 

The employee then enjoys his or her paycheck. In other words, salary portage consists of several steps :

– Your French employee signs a contract with DewaFlex as portage company.

– You pay the monthly invoice to DewaFlex including all costs (such as salary, expense notes, travel costs, company car, etc.)

> Actions taken: 

Several type of contracts are possible. The contract may take the form of a fixed-term contract (CDD in France) or an open-ended contract (CDI). The contracts are the same as for standard employees.

our customers speak

Some practical examples:

Client: Belgian company wants to hire a French sales person but has no idea where to start.

CEO: ...


Company had found via a headhunter a very reliable and good Frecnh sales person but had no idea where to start regarding specific French laws such as, social security, how to prepare a French payslip, company car, employment contract, expense note, etc..

Actions for the client:

DewaFlex had a meeting with the company together with the new still to hire sales person. All details where defined such as salary, type of contract, company car etc. In a few hours we had a correct simulation of the monthly fee that needed to be paid by the Company.


The French sales person was hired at DewaFlex and the company is paying every month a fix amount that includes everything… Also the company does not need to create a juridical French company (‘Salary Partage’-system).

Client: Dutch company in design sector wanted to work with a French agent.

CEO: ...


Company had in the past several regional commercial agents (multi cartes) in France but they were not performing as it should be and also communication was very complicated.

Actions for the client:

Together with DewaFlex the company stopped working with regional commercial agents (multi cartes). DewaFlex helped also from the legal side to cancel all the agency agreements on a cost effective way. 

During this process the business developpers from DewaFlex could define the yearly sales targets and corresponding costs that were needed to achieve these targets.


The company signed a “commercial agency agreement” on no cure no pay basis and DewaFlex hired a dedicated sales person with knowledge of the market.

  • DewaFlex can hire your French;
    • experienced sales person, 
    • junior sales, 
    • back office person, 
    • staff member, etc…
  • You don’t have to add them to your pay-roll
  • When DewaFlex is your commercial agent: “no cure no pay”,
  • When DewaFlex is your French distributor, you’ll pay a monthly fee,
  • Salary portage is perfectly possible, you’ll get a monthly fee that includes everything,
  • You don’t need to create a juridical French company to hire French employees,
  • DewaFlex has a complete database of business developpers,…