> DewaFlex assists you in HR !
coaching and steering included

Recruitement of French Sales people:

Recruitment via headhunting or assessments and screening inhouse. We have a database of commercial agents, distributors, business developers, etc….

> Our way of working: 

You want to hire the best French sales person out there ? How do we proceed when hiring a representative ?

After doing the groundwork and knowing your expectations (recruitment budget and type of person(s) you are looking for); we can offer several ways of recruiting your sales person:

1. Recruiting via Headhunting: DewaFlex has very good relations with approved French Headhunting companies. We can just transfer you the coordinates of the headhunting company or we can also assist you for the full 100% so that you are only involved in the last step, the final decision and only interviews with a few candidates..

2. Recruiting via DewaFlex connections: DewaFlex has a own database of; 

    • approved, young (f.ex. ‘alternance’ sales) representatives,
      • via our “matchmaking online platformwww.dewaconnect.com / matchmaking between high educated French students and foreign companies we can surely find you the best young and motivated sales person. 
    • commercial database of experienced sales representatives, 
    • French commercial agents and distributors, 
    • business developpers,

> Actions taken: 

As soon as the sales person(s) are found;

  • You can do coaching and stearing yourself or DewaFlex can unburden you by taking on the complete coaching and stearing process. We together set the sales targets that you want to achieve and the procedures you want to apply (reporting, payment, etc.) DewaFlex achieves this by a strong partnership with you and your firm build on trust and open communication.
  • This proposed workflow insures you a new source of revenue without any risks and/or time-loss and, above all, perfectly budgeted and cost predictable. (no extra or hidden costs).
  • Both technical and commercial, we hire a sales representative in service to your company (this means with your company logo and operating under your name).
our customers speak

Some practical examples:

Client: Araani / Belgian company wanted to hire a French sales person but had no idea where to start.

CEO: Pieter Claerhout


Company had an intake meeting with us and we defined in a very pragmatic way the expectations (defining recruitment budget and type of person they are looking for).

Actions for the client:

We considered, based on the foreseen budget and expectations that a headhunter would be the best possible solution but with complete screening and follow-up from the recruitement process by the DewaFlex HR-department.


After a few weeks of selection, assetments etc. done by DewaFlex and the headhunter we could present 3 candidates and the company decided on Nicolas who is now since several years the French sales person for the Belgian company. Nicolas is working under a typical French longterm CDI-contract.

Client: Dutch company in design sector wanted to work with a French agent.


Company had a very good French sales person but this person would go on retirement and because of that they asked DewaFlex to recruit a successor.

Actions for the client:

Because of budget raison the company asked DewaFlex to recruit via DewaFlex connections and to do a screening and search of the person in the database of approved candidates. DewaFlex found (via the online matchmaking platform) a youg and motivated business developer.


The company decided on the young sales representative with a very budget friendly “alternance”-contract. The young guy worked hand by hand during one year with the older sales representative to ensure a smooth retirement… (DewaFlex was doing the complete recruitment process and is still doing the stearing of the young sales representative).

The “alternance”-contract evolved to a shortterm French fulltime CDD-contract.

  • Coaching and steering included,
  • DewaFlex has very good relations with approved French headhunting companies and recruitment companies, 
  • DewaFlex can unburden the complete recruitment process, going from;
    • Assessments and screening in-house done by own skilled HR-people.
    • Inhouse meetings and screening with the candidates.
    • Language skill tests.
    • Psychological tests, etc…
  • DewaFlex has a own database of approved young (f.ex. ‘alternance’ sales representatives) representatives, experienced sales representatives, French commercial agents, distributors and business developpers,…
  • We set the sales targets and propose a workflow,
  • We can get envolved as you see fit or help you to find back-office people, staff members, etc…