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DewaFlex - your commercial partner for the French market.

Do you want to grow ?
You want to sell your products to the French market ? We can help.

Our services

Have a look below at all the different aspects of business development in France for which we can offer you our solutions.

Nos services

Physical Market Analysis
Full Business Development

French commercial address &
Staffed office or showroom in France

Recruitment and Payrolling of french sales people or commercial agent

Our Management team

Do not hesitate to contact one of the members of the DewaFlex team.

Our DNA & Idealism:

More on DewaFlex

DewaFlex was established in April 2013 in an office space located in Northern France. Pieter Dewaele, the founder, is passionate about both the French culture and business.

Initially, DewaFlex operated as a commercial agent within the printing industry. However, its scope quickly evolved into a dedicated company to assisting non-French companies in navigating the complexities of doing business in France while honoring cultural differences.

Our Timeline

Some historical facts
"Just because you speak French does not mean you are a Frenchman"

According to Pieter, communication is the only way to experience and understand cultural differences. Therefore Pieter walks with transnational experts, entrepreneurs and people who are close to his heart. From these walks to Santiago de Compostela, beautiful stories were created, that will ever contribute as inspiration to better understand cultural and language differences.



The future is in the hands of students with language skills who think internationally.

Online matchmaking platform between students and companies.

Follow an international internship or dual learning path via DewaConnect.

This cooperative company is a joint venture between Pieter from DewaFlex and Jelle form Studaro.

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DewaFlex & ESF:

Because we are so successful in supervising French trainees and alternance students and we strongly believe in “dual learning and working”. In 2019 we were rewarded with an ESF project. (ESF = European Social Fund).



In this ESF project we propose the integration of a French dual learning trajectory at Flemish Higher Education and Adult Education through several testing grounds and boot camps. 

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We maintain a close contact with:

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