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Physical Market Analysis & Full Business Development

01. Physical Market Analysis:


We have developed our own “French Style” market analysis. Hands-on with physical prospecting done by one of our dual learning university students.

1. Our way of working:
The first step is a detailled interview with our client in order to know more about the market, segments, types of customers, etc.

2. Actions taken:
We buy, most often through our links with “The Chamber of Commerce”, a potential customer list from a region in France.
This list is then integrated into our prospection CRM system. Together with the client we engage a dedicated dual learning university student who has an affinity with the client’s products and services.


Via our own developed CRM and follow-up system, the students will contact and perform physical visits during a designated period of time to a certain number of potential customers.


The client is welcome to join these visits in order to get their own impression of the targeted market. After the physical analysis we give our client a very clear view on the market potential. Finally, we give recommendations on how to attack the French market based on the physical analysis.

02. Full business development



Full business development based on in-house experience and French network connections.

1. Our way of working:

The first step is an introductory meeting to better understand your needs and requirements.

2. Actions taken:

Afterwards, we organize an “atelier d’experts” where we  invite several French network connections in order to receive several opinions and remarks from people who know your products, requirements and needs and also have experience on the French market.

In this expert team we can invite people who are experienced with juridical aspects, M&A, product specialists, headhunters, real estate specialists etc.

Afterwards, you’ll get all necessary information to define the best full business development strategy towards the French market.

It is important to mention that DewaFlex is not a one-off consultant and will assist you in the long run in this business development. We always aim to be your “recurrent and long-term partner for the French market”.

Why working with DewaFlex? 


Some practical examples:

Client: Belgian company, Gymna Uniphy.
Employee: Nadia Bakdi.


Gymna is a company from Bilzen specialized in equipment and consumables for a professional clientbase in physiotherapy. They already have a strong market share in the Benelux. In France they have several distributors but the French turnover is low and the price structure is not on the same level as in the Benelux.

Actions for the client:

Creation of a dedicated Gymna France office and showroom,
Support to attract a fulltime employee, Madame Nadia Bakdi,
Our facilities are used regularly to setup several training sessions with distributors or to foresee other meetings.


The Gymna Uniphy head-office has now a much closer approach towards the French market and the end clients have access to a beautiful showroom and can contact Madame Nadia Bakdi, a French speaking employee, for all technical questions they might have !

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