Extensive French market knowledge and experience.

Both the owner of DewaFlex, Pieter Dewaele, as all other employees have, in addition to their tasks at DewaFlex, also a lot of contact with different types of customers, which gives them a very wide experience range.

We are happy to pass on our (French) market knowledge and experiences and also use this experience to steer your sales representatives on their path towards the French market..

How do we proceed when hiring a representative ?

> After doing the groundwork and knowing your expectations (both technical and commercial), we hire a sales representative in service to your company (this means with your company logo and operating under your name).

> We set the sales targets that you want to achieve and the procedures you want to apply (reporting, payment, etc.) DewaFlex achieves this by a strong partnership with you and your firm build on trust and open communication.

> This proposed workflow insures you a new source of revenue without any risks and/or time-loss and, above all, perfectly budgetised and cost predictable. (no extra or hidden costs).


What are the benefits of working with DewaFlex ?

  • Steering and managing representatives: 
    Here lies our strength, we achieve this with close follow up and by sending you very clear and frequent reporting (Dutch/English/German)
  • Integration of French commercial representatives:
    We can also integrate French commercial representatives as employees in the business structure of DewaFlex. This gives you the opportunity to work with the best sales representatives without having to hire anyone and without having to monitor and coach sales reps on a daily basis.
  • Market study assistance:
    DewaFlex (or other partners) can assist you with your market study, analyses and marketing strategy for the French market..
  • Office space solutions in the North of France (59):
    DewaFlex can provide you with office space solutions in the North of France (nearby the border with Belgium), you can have your own integrated contact data (personal French telephone number, fax, mail, etc…).

We maintain a close contact with:

  • Economic organizations, such as “Flanders Investment and Trade”,Voka,..
  • Other organisations in France:
    • headhunting recruitment agencies,
    • recruitment agencies,
    • accountants and lawyers,
    • trade schools, both France and foreign schools (Germany and Belgium),

The company roots.

The company originated in 2013 and was created by Mr. Pieter Dewaele.

Pieter has been at the head of a French company commissioned by an international German group for several years and has all the necessary experience to support your company’s goals and objectives:

> Steering and coaching of representatives for the French and/or Belgian market,
> Sales reporting,
> Planning with & optimizing of technical/commercial representatives,
> Managing client records (via an internal workflow),
> Coaching,
> Joint customers visits,
> Developping action plans for recruitment,
> Market analysis,
> …