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French commercial address & staffed office or showroom in France

01. French Commercial Address with legal advice

We provide you your French address, fixed telephone number,.. You can rent a flex office and use our meeting/storage rooms.

Our way of working:
DewaFlex helps you with the domiciliation of your French registered office at our address in Roubaix. In addition, we offer you a number of extra services via DewaFlex.

You can also have “a French”:

   - fixed telephone number,
   - mobile telephone number etc.., 
   - e-mail and website hosting,
   - physical address,
   - active office solutions, including a French speaking employee who handles calls to your French telephone number and transfers your mails to you, etc..
   - possibility to use our meeting and/or storage rooms.

You can contact DewaFlex for renting an office space or meeting rooms. You can rent for longer periods (months or years) but also per (half) day or at an hourly rate. 

We have various spaces and storage rooms but also meeting and office rooms, flex-offices and a coworking space. 

You can also accommodate your French entity with us and still use our meeting rooms periodically.

Actions taken:

In a time frame of a few hours you can have a French domiciliation at our address in Roubaix, including a French telephone number, fixed address, e-mail address etc.

If you decide to create a legal French entity; DewaFlex will help with all legal advice. This legal entity can also be created with us from the ground up or possibly at a later stage, following on from a letterbox entity or standard domiciliation.

02. Staffed Office or Showroom in France:

The DewaFlex offices are located in an old factory (‘bonneterie’) with very typical loft-style open spaces. The site is very close to the Belgian border (area of Gent, Kortrijk, Tournai) in front of the mythical vélodrome of Roubaix (the iconic arrival of the famous cycling race Paris-Roubaix).

Also perfectly reachable by public transport and a stone’s throw from Lille in the North of France.

The building is equipped with all modern safety regulations, (closed secure parking etc.) and personal comfort (air conditioning etc.)…


Our way of working: 

DewaFlex has the possibility to adapt the spaces in the building in a very flexible manner. As such, we can easily meet our customers’ needs.

Some examples of the possibilities:

  • Own French staffed office (with DewaFlex employees),

    • Furnished to your own needs

    • With or without an “active secretariat” (active secretariat = answering the phone, post transfer, opening the entrance door during office hours, etc...

  • Flex offices (renting possible for a few hours only or for a longer time period),

  • Open space office of about 300m² (for example for bootcamps for schools),

  • A (manned) showroom,

  • Storage space,

  • Publicity car(s), etc…


DewaFlex can accompany you in the complete process to find the right location. If our building in Roubaix is not the best suitable option for your type of activities, we can also contact our network in order to find a better location for you (also in other regions in France).


Actions taken: 

Workspaces & related services:

  • Equipped office(s), we provide a “key-on-door” office solution. Private and adaptable space according to your needs and your budget,

  • Stylish showroom, our setting and our “loft-style” apparence are the ideal basis for your new showroom,

  • Fully secured, we are equipped with camera surveillance, videophone & closed parking (both outdoor as underground),

  • Industrial look, we are located in an industrial building with a lot of history and character,

  • Storage possibilities, we have several storage possibilities including a loading dock for trucks at the back of the building,

  • Event venue, fully equipped with high cocktail tables, a bar and large projection screen, we can also offer several solutions for your upcoming events.

Why working with DewaFlex? 


Some practical examples:

Client: Gymna / Belgian company wanted to create a French entity "Gymna France".
CEO: Bart de Bresser


Company was looking for a good location for a showroom in order to have a closer “French” contact with the distributors in the French territory.

Actions for the client:

The company decided to have the showroom at the DewaFlex facilities because there is also an openspace where demonstrations can be done during the weekend.

The advantage is that the showroom is staffed by a French employee, Nadia, who is very satisfied because she has French colleagues and also an active secretariat. When she is not in the office, there is always somebody to pick-up the phone.


After a few months the showroom was too small and DewaFlex reacted in a very flexible way and we enlarged the space double the size without complicated contracts etc.

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